I would like to welcome you to my world of pleasure. I will be your guidance to experience your deepest desires, darkest fantasies and most ecstatic dreams. Give me your submission and we will have an amazing time together.

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About me

BDSM has been my passion and my life for over a decade, but I am new in Berlin and just started out working as a Dominatrix. I would love to take you on a journey with me into your wildest fantasies. I will make the session into an ecstatic experience for you.

You will find in me a Lady that applies her extensive skills creatively with a sharp focus on both of us living the moment. You will feel the joy I take in your reactions while you get to experience how my empathy and passion for play guide us through our time together.

I like to play with power dynamics and I want to take control over you. To accomplish this I use mental games as well as physical ones. I want to get to know every secret you have, every desire and all of your fantasies. I am gonna take them and use them as I see fit.

I love inflicting pain and mostly I will do this for my pleasure and not for punishment. Call me a sadistic Bitch if you want to.

I live for the reactions when playing with my submissives, I am a Reaction Fetishist. I will have a good time when you are enjoying yourself.

More gentle play is on the table as well. Playing with sensuality and lust is high on my list of kinks. Tease and denial is one of my main strengths and in combination with anal play it is even better.

I am a skilled Dominatrix and can ensure a safe and secure environment even when we are exploring the more intense scenes.

I am not the standard Domina, I am a colourful Lady and will not only appear in black all the time. I like to play with all genders and sexualities, so feel free to let yourself go in my presence. Couples are also welcome. I am originally from the Netherlands, therefore we can have a session in Dutch and in English. German is also possible, just be aware I am not yet fluent at it.