Some of my play partners and clients have written reports about our plays. Here I will post some of them for inspiration. A big thanks to all for their trust in me!

Sammie: Interrogation play with needles


A few years back there was this party. Every attending sub needed to describe a kind of play they wanted to do, without their name on the card. The attending Dominants then chose one of the cards based on the description given by the sub.
On my card was something written about an interrogation play, but without pain pay. It sounded like a good challenge!
When I got upstairs to find the sub who wrote the card, I found sammie, a good friend of mine and someone I played with a lot more. She kinda looked scared when she saw me though.
All subs had a card with 5 boundaries on them which we were not allowed to go over for that evening. And for some reason she didn;t put needles on there, and for some reason i happen to have them with me.

She also said just when i took her downstairs, hey i cant have that much pain today, just so you know. I then replied; ‘But you wanted something without pain, remember?’ I think she looked even more scared after that.

I should tell you, sammie is a tough cookie and hard to crack, I have played interrogation games before with her, but never succeeded. So it was definitely a challenge for me!

Her story about the play

Miss Lizz and I have played more often, mainly with singletails. For this interrogation play she only had something else in mind. Needles... With needles she was going to get the code from me. Challenge accepted, bring it on!
Now Miss Lizz is known to be very skilled with needles and certainly knows how to handle it. This is going to be difficult, enormous.

She starts calm and constructive. Needles are inserted into my chest, horizontally. She asks if I want to give my code already? Of course not! And she goes on. Needles go vertically into my breasts, I even have to do it myself to make it more difficult. Then she goes on looking for more sensitive spots and then it becomes an enormous challenge...
She sticks a needle through the sensitive spot on my upper arm, close to my armpit. It hurts, but I persevere. I am not going to let her win.
Then she grabs my hand and sticks a needle in the skin between your index finger and thumb. It hurts a lot, but at the same time I am shocked that there is a needle there. It looks fierce but also so tough! But still no code and time keeps running.
She goes further to my feet. First on top of my foot, I undergo what this sadistic Lady is doing.
And then she wants to stick a needle that really scares me. On the side of my foot, just under my big toe. I protest fiercly, but she doesn't give in or give up. It becomes a negotiation/ultimatum. She grabs the thinnest needle and if I don't give the code within a minute, she grabs a size thicker. I think I can play this out and don't give in. After every time a minute has passed She happily (because She is such a Sadist) grabs a thicker needle and I am starting to get scared after all.
I say that time is almost up and try for a coolingdown period before the hour is passed (it wasn't necessary, but if I can take advantage of it...) but I am told that I should have negotiated better.


And then I have no more means to negotiate and give up. The needle seems too painful to stab me in my foot and I give my code 2(!!!) minutes before the time would run out. A just victory for Miss Lizz.

Sidenote: had too much curiosity after the game and let a thin needle sting that spot. Fucking hell that hurt! But cool to experience.