Needle Work

I can offer needle work as part of a longer session, but the journey of experiencing needles can be a session in and of itself. Needle play can be a ritual to accomplish sensations or experiences you never thought possible. It can produce a huge endorphin high, or give you a new confidence in your ability to cope with extreme sensations. Everyone experiences receiving needles differently, so the goals of the session depend on your individual desires. I love to see your reactions, and respond and react to how you are experiencing the needles.


Sensation Play

I work with the energy of the body, using the movement of my hands, arms, and body to bring you into new worlds of experience. These sensations can include pain, but they don’t always have to – there are many ways to experience pressure. The best thing about this is when you fully relax and surrender to the sensations I’m giving you. Most people are not used to being able to fully let go and receive this kind of attention, but with sensation play, I want to help you let go, enjoy and indulge in pleasure. Relax and accept the experience, and allow yourself to let go of the fear that you are not doing enough – trust me when I say that I gain a lot of pleasure from doing this.




For me, rope is a way to make a connection, not just an end in and of itself. I use different tensions and techniques to give you different sensations and take you on a journey that can include ground work, partial suspension, or full suspension, all while building the connection between us and reading your reactions to see how far I can take you.
If you book a shibari session with me, it will be an experience of being restricted but letting go at the same time. The session begins when I pick up my ropes and only ends when you are completely out of them again, and the whole time, I will take care of your safety. All people, genders, sizes and body types are welcome – every body is a rope body.



I have range, from light play to heavy pain. My specialty is impact with various implements – canes, floggers, and (my favorite) my single-tail whips. The beauty of these toys is that there are so many ways to use them, on all different parts of the body. You can become my canvas.
We will start slowly, giving you time to adjust to the pain, and build up as I read your reactions and see how you respond to the pain. I promise that I will not take it too far, but I will take you past what you believed was possible, and teach you that you can handle more than you might have feared. In return for your trust, I will ask that you react to what I’m doing, show me the pain or pleasure it’s giving you. Let me inside and I will take you to a new level.