Dominance is something very powerful. When I am in charge I have power over you, but at the same time, you give that power to me willingly and I will treat it with care. It’s a responsibility and an honor. When I am dominant, I am taking care of someone. I like to play with strong, independent people who I can become close to and share the experience with, but at the same time, don’t think you’re going to have an easy time with me.

I am all about your reactions. Pleasure, pain, anger, upset, crying – if there’s no reaction then there’s no fun! I will read you like a book and make sure that we’re working together instead of against each other through the whole scene. I will encourage and teach you to go further than you believed possible – longer in bondage, more pain than you think you can handle.

I have been very active in the BDSM scene for fifteen years, and started working as a professional Dominatrix when I moved to Berlin.

I am an expert in needle work, sensation play, shibari and bondage, and pain play. I can bring anal play, nipple torture, tease and denial and orgasm control into our scenes. I adore wearing latex, and can offer complete latex sessions for you as well – if you want to try out how it feels, or aren’t able to have latex at home, come enjoy it with me.

You can read more about my skills on the SPECIALTIES page.

I welcome clients and guests of all genders, queer folks, and couples.