I have a background as a teacher and years of experience being very active in the BDSM scene, so it’s time to share my knowledge. I started doing workshops five years ago, and am one of the regular teachers at Studio Lux, teaching workshops on creative bondage, needle play, and BDSM for beginners.

All bookings go via the website of Studio Lux


I also offer one-on-one or private group workshops on:

  • Bondage
  • Needle play
  • First steps in BDSM
  • Beginning D/s for couples
  • Finding your dominant side

I like to work with people who are starting to figure out power dynamics, so I can help guide you into finding joy and fun in the world of BDSM. It’s okay to have these feelings, and to explore taboo and things that feel scary, with enthusiastic consent all around of course.

Write to me with your wishes, and I can make a personal offer depending on time, needs, and budget.

mslzz.fetish (at) gmail (dot) com